About Us

Heritage Shelters first opened in 2004 and was the only Hotel in KRS Road with a small operation of 10 family rooms and a restaurant serving the best cuisine in the area. Over the years it has flourished and expanded creating a unique one of its kind ‘Holiday Villas’ offering the best of both, stay and cuisine in one destination. Heritage Shelters offers a unique experience. Our spacious rooms with modern amenities and all day long dining cater to all kinds of food cravings.



Hotel Heritage Shelters strives to provide the best Hospitality in Mysore, recognized for its standards and personal care extended to guests. We are committed to creating and nurturing lifelong relationships with our guests and colleagues. We strive to create great memories that will be remembered for years to come.


  • Very close to the world-famous Brindavan Gardens / KRS – 8 minutes’ drive from the Ring Road
  • Natural air-conditioning, thanks to the KRS dam and Varuna canal
  • Extensive restaurant and parking areas – Capability to serve over 1,500 guests at a time
  • Fine fusion of heritage and futuristic architecture – Green and landscaped surroundings


  • Pure and fresh air, and no fans – Elegant interior – Soothing music – Hypnotic lighting
  • Lounge bar – Romantically designed Students’ Bays and Couples’ Nests
  • Sophisticated “heritage hall” for conferencing -Facility for lawn socials
  • Spacious foyer – Rows of well-maintained toilets
  • Sophisticated kitchen, partitioned cuisine-wise (no `veg & meat’ mixing)
  • Personalized attention and proactive service